No-Hassle RVing

Here are 10 easy steps for novice RVers, thanks to RVIA and

1. Surf the Web. Check out,,, and They are all excellent sources of information.

2. Order a free video or CD-ROM. Call (888) GoRVing.

3. Rent an RV. Check the Yellow Pages in your neighborhood or go to to order The RVRA Rental Directory.

4. Read RV magazines, buyers guides and books. For magazines, go to

5. Visit an RV dealer. Check the Yellow Pages under “Recreation Vehicle-Sales” or go to and click on Buying and Renting. Another option is

6. Look for the RVIA seal. Before buying an RV, be sure to check for the oval-shaped RVIA seal. The seal shows that the RV manufacturer is a member of the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association and means that the manufacturer self-certifies that the vehicle complies with applicable national safety specifications.

7. Attend an RV show. A wide range of RVs appealing to every taste and budget are on display at retail shows around the country. For a calendar of shows in your area, go to

8. Do the math. RV travel is affordable. A family of four traveling by RV can spend up to 70 percent less than when traveling by car, plane or cruise ship. Campground fees average about $22 per night, well below average hotel/motel room rates.

9. Take your pick of RV parks and campgrounds. Get information about the most comprehensive campground directories available:

10. Get going. The RV-driving experience is different, not difficult. With a little practice and proper attention to differences in size, height and weight, RVs are fun and easy to drive.


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