Slideout: In or Out?

Slideout extended
Slideout extended

Q: We leave our fifth-wheel trailer at the campground for extended periods of time because we have a yearly camping spot. My question is, should I leave my slideout room extended, or retract it each time before we head home? There are times the camper sits empty for two weeks at a time. Some of our camping buddies leave their slide out and some bring them in. Value or brand of the camper does not matter. I am just looking for the correct answer.
Rick Schmidt, Cape Girardeau, Mo.

A: Slideout rooms have various seals and such that are designed to keep the weather (rain, snow, dust, etc.) out. When they are extended, more of these sealing areas are exposed. If any of the seals deteriorate or are otherwise damaged or compromised, water and dirt and perhaps insects, rodents and vermin are more likely to enter the trailer. Slideouts are designed to be extended for long periods of time, but if it is sagging or twisted, or the mechanism is defective, be sure to have the unit examined by a dealer for damage or wear and tear.
— Ken Freund

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  1. I have a 2007 Keystone Copper Canyon with two slides. When I extend or retract the slides they keep stopping. I let up on the button and count to five, then push the button again and they start. Usually have to do this three or four times. One service manager said it could be low voltage. Another service manager said there is a breaker under the camper by the motor that is either weak or overloaded for some reason. Do you any more or better ideas?


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