Tire Protection

Photo of travel trailer tires

Q: I have a travel trailer that is parked under a metal RV carport. The ground under the trailer is gravel. I have big heavy metal tracks that the tires sit on. I was wondering if the metal will deteriorate the tires when not used.
Sigrid Wharam, Lanett, Ala.

A: The idea behind placing something under the RV tires during storage is to keep the tires dry by isolating the tires from the ground. This prevents water from soaking up into the tires, for example when the tires are sitting in puddles of water, which accelerates tire rubber deterioration. Use of a metal plate is fine — we don’t truly understand what you mean by metal tracks — or you can also use a piece of plywood topped by metal flashing, or a plastic kitchen cutting board, for example. As long as your tires are high and dry you should be fine.
– Jeff Johnston

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  1. I use Linx Levelers to park on. They are made from high grade plastic and are about 1 1/2 in thick with a crosshatch design.They are cheap and easy to park on. Buy them almost anywhere that sells RV parts.


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