Chevy 3500HD—0155

Photo showing dual USB ports that charge and connect to Chevrolet’s MyLink
Phto showing the Duramax 6.6-liter powerplant which is quiet and refined, with 445 horsepower to move just about any RV along effortlessly.
Red 1029 Chevy Silverado 3500HD High Country towing a fifth wheel trailer on an Indiana road.


SalVinCo Vance RV reading light with integrated USB port

Vance Reading Light with Integrated USB Port

The Vance Reading Light from SalVinCo features a convenient USB port integrated into the 3.2-inch-diameter base of the flex-neck fixture for handy charging of...
Garmin RV 890 MT-S GPS Navigator

Garmin RV 890 MT-S GPS Navigator

Garmin, and its latest model, the Android-based RV 890 MT-S tablet, take technology further than any GPS has before. The new RV GPS’s 8-inch...
Camco portable Little Red Campfire

Camco Portable Little Red Campfire

Some purists may not agree with having a propane-powered campfire, but Camco’s Portable Little Red Campfire is a great choice where campfires aren’t allowed....