‘09 Durango Hemi Hybrid Coming

Chrysler has announced its upcoming Dodge Durango Hemi hybrid and
Chrysler Aspen Hemi hybrid models. Both models get a new hybrid
powertrain using the 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 with a system that shuts off
cylinders under light-loads. Combined, the Hemi and motor develop 385
hp. Both models have four-wheel drive, through a single-speed transfer

Although the tow rating for the non-hybrid models is higher at
8,950 pounds, the hybrid model is still approved for trailer towing with
a 6,000-pound rating.

The hybrids, which are said to deliver more than 25-percent fuel
economy improvement and up to a 40-percent improvement in the city, will
start arriving at showrooms next summer.


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