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Fuel-Thrifty Chevrolet Coming Soon

General Motors’ 2007 Chevrolet Impala will offer a newly designed
3.9-liter V-6 engine that can shut off three cylinders during cruise
conditions when their power is not needed in order to conserve fuel.
Actual EPA mileage and tow ratings are not yet available.

More Toyota Hybrids on the Horizon

Toyota has announced plans to double the number of hybrid models
it offers by as soon as 2010. Toyota’s president said the company also
will create hybrids that plug into an electrical grid when parked. The
plug-in versions would run longer on electricity, further reducing
dependence on oil.

Midsize SUV Sales Are Down

J.D. Power and Associates automotive research group’s study on
vehicle sales shows that sales of midsize SUVs are down more than 29
percent and continue to drop. The survey found full-size vans and SUVs
remained on dealer lots longer and that fewer SUV owners plan to buy
another one.

Blue Ox Announces

Blue Ox now has a Web site designed for trailerists to buy, sell
or exchange towing equipment through free online classified
advertisements. Hitches, accessories, RVs and even tow vehicles are sold
on the site:

New Mirror Eliminates Blind Spots

Drivaware of Ann Arbor, Michigan, has developed a rearview mirror
that moves when the driver uses the turn signal to change lanes. The
company says the mirrors can be adjusted to move so that when the turn
signal is on, blind spots are eliminated. Its controls can be used with
any vehicle that has power mirrors, according to the company. For more


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