Briefs: Rebate and Recalls

Titan Gets $1,000 Rebate

Nissan’s new Titan full-size truck now comes with a $1,000 rebate.
Nissan officials say the rebate offer is to counter higher rebates on
domestic trucks.

Saturn VUE to Be Recalled

Nearly a quarter million Saturn’s VUEs will be recalled to fix a
suspension problem that may cause a rollover if a driver makes an
emergency maneuver. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
(NHTSA) discovered the problem during tests when the VUE’s rear
suspension failed during two separate rollover tests. A total of 246,433
Saturn VUEs are involved. Owners may take their vehicles to dealers to
have the rear suspensions modified for free.

NHTSA Recalls Taurus/Sable

NHTSA reports that almost 900,000 Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable
four-door sedans will be recalled in 22 Northern states due to faulty
front springs. Road salt could corrode the springs, breaking them and
possibly puncturing a tire. The recall applies to 1999-2001 models.

Chrysler Issues Recalls

Chrysler is recalling 681,000 V-6 minivans sold between the 2002
and 2004 model years because power-steering hoses may leak in cold
weather, resulting in fires. Also, 2000 Dodge Ram pickups are being
recalled for wiring problems.


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