Chrysler Considers More Diesels

Chrysler is considering adding more diesel engines to its line in North
America, perhaps by 2010. A new four-cylinder diesel engine, which is
said to be under development, employs a two-stage turbocharger to
produce horsepower and torque equivalent to larger gas engines. The
Mercedes-Benz Bluetec system, which allows diesels to run as cleanly as
gas engines, will be used to control emissions.

In Europe, diesels account for more than half of Chryslers sold.
Current diesels sold in the United States include the Dodge Ram Heavy
Duty, Dodge Sprinter — with a 2.7-liter common-rail direct injection
(CDI) turbodiesel — and the Jeep Grand Cherokee, featuring a new
3.0-liter V6 turbodiesel engine (on sale early this year).


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