Chrysler Recalls Jeep Liberty

Daimler-Chrysler will recall some 2002-2003 Jeep Liberty SUVs
because a defect in the suspension can cause wheels to loosen. Chrysler
has received 47 complaints that Liberty wheels have loosened and even
come off the vehicles, leading to a loss of control. Chrysler is also
recalling the Jeep Liberty to replace the lower ball-joint seal in 2002
and some 2003 models.

The recall, which will involve some 318,000 vehicles, was prompted
after Chrysler received 10 complaints and the National Highway
Traffic Safety Administration received eight complaints about lower
ball-joint failure.

Chrysler also has issued a recall for its new Pacifica. Chrysler
said that recall involves repairing fuel-line connections in some 10,000


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