Clowns Deliver SUVOA Message

SUV Owners of America (SUVOA) is taking to the California airwaves and
print media to protest the effects of proposed regulation by the
California Air Resources Board (CARB). SUVOA’s ads employ humor — in
the form of clowns starring in ads on drive-time radio and in USA Today
(California editions) — to drive home the group’s objectives. The CARB
regulation would force the downsizing of many vehicles, make larger SUVs
and pickups hard-to-find and less useful, and drive up vehicle cost.

Directed by a new California law, CARB is proposing regulations to
drastically reduce global climate emissions from vehicles, chiefly
carbon dioxide. Unlike smog (ground-level ozone) emissions, there is no
catalytic-converter type technology to reduce carbon dioxide. The only
way to do so is to burn less fuel. Consequently, the regulation takes
direct aim at Californians and others who want and need SUVs and pickups
that deliver seating capacity, towing power and utility.

The ads can be seen and heard at


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