Cost of Operating a Vehicle Rises

According to a new study by consulting firm Runzheimer International,
the cost of owning and operating a new car or light truck is pushing
into record territory. Rapid increases in fuel costs have had a major
effect on operating costs. With the average American driving 15,000
miles or more per year, costs are hitting $1 or more a mile for some
models. Runzheimer included all of the major expenses such as finance
payments, insurance, fuel, depreciation, fees, taxes and cost of repairs
and maintenance, and balanced those costs against a
36-month/60,000-mile period.

The survey found that Ford’s V-8-powered E-350 XL Super Duty costs
$16,543 in annual operating costs, Chevrolet’s Tahoe LS 4×4 is $15,789,
and the Ford Explorer XLT 4×4 averages $14,485.

Runzheimer listed the least costly trucks to operate as the
following: the four-cylinder Ford Ranger XL 4×2 shortbed at $9,929, the
V-6 GMC Sierra 1500 Work 4×2 at $11,712, and the Jeep Liberty Sport 4×2
at $11,717.


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