Cummins Enters New Partnership

Cummins Inc. recently announced it will supply a global automaker
with a family of light-duty diesel engines for use in U.S.-market
pickups and SUVs by the end of the decade. The engines will power a
variety of vehicles below 8,500 pounds gross vehicle weight rating
(gvwr), including standard pickup trucks and SUVs. For competitive
reasons, Cummins’ original-equipment manufacturer partner in the venture
has asked to remain confidential.

The engines were developed in partnership with the U.S. Department
of Energy, which reports the powerplants are a 190-hp, 4.2L V-6 and a
260-hp, 5.6L V-8. Both engines have single overhead camshafts with four
valves per cylinder, variable geometry turbochargers and piezo-electric
fuel injectors.

Cummins anticipates that this diesel engine will provide an
average of 30 percent fuel savings, depending on the drive cycle, over
gasoline-powered engines for comparable vehicles.


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