Ford Ordered to Replace TFIs

A California judge has ordered Ford to replace an alleged faulty ignition device on up to 2
million cars and trucks. The Superior Court decision is not expected to be finalized until
after a September 17 jury trial in the huge class-action. The case alleges that Ford put
Thick Film Ignition (TFI) modules too close to engine heat in at least 1.7 million
California cars and trucks between 1983 and 1995, causing them to stall. Similar suits in
Alabama, Illinois, Maryland, Tennessee and Washington are on hold awaiting resolution of
the California case. The TFI modules are located in the distributor and control ignition.
Ford built over 22 million vehicles equipped with the TFI modules nationwide. The
California recall includes virtually every Ford model from 1984-87, as well as certain
models manufactured through 1995 and a few in 1983.


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