Ford Passes Two Million LEV Mark(2)

Ford Motor Company reports it passed the two million Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) truck mark
recently, less than one and a half years after beginning its industry-leading environmental
initiative. Most sport-utility vehicles ((SUVs) and pickups are not mandated to be low
emission prior to the 2004 model year. However, as of the 1999 model year, all Ford SUVs
are LEV and Ford Windstar minivans meet Ultra Low Emission Vehicle standards. All Ford
F-Series pickup trucks, starting with the 2000 model year, also are LEV. Ford’s current LEV
models include Lincoln Navigator; Ford Expedition, Explorer, Windstar, Excursion, and
F-Series pickup trucks. LEVs will emit from 43 percent to more than 50 percent fewer
smog-forming emissions than similar non-LEV vehicles.


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