Ford Settles TFI Lawsuit

Ford settled a class-action lawsuit by agreeing to reimburse current and former owners for
repairs on an estimated 22 million vehicles prone to stalling because of ignition problems.
The agreement affects most Ford, Mercury and Lincoln vehicles made from 1983 to 1995,
including the Bronco, Escort, Grand Marquis, Mustang, Sable, Taurus, Tempo, Thunderbird,
Topaz and Town Car models. The settlement is considered a warranty extension and not a
recall, but affects more cars than any recall in the nation’s history. Under the agreement,
Ford will replace all the Thick Film Ignition (TFI) modules in the affected vehicles up to
their first 100,000 miles, or it will reimburse owners if they have already paid to have
the part replaced. Ford also agreed to extend the current 50,000-mile warranty on the TFI
to 100,000 miles.


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