Fuel Prices on the Move

The national average for a gallon of regular gas is changing again, this time moving
upward. The current price of crude oil went above $60 per barrel after staying below that
mark for most of November and December.

Hawaii’s current average gasoline price is the
highest at $2.67. California held steady at $2.23; in Nevada, it’s up to $2.21; in
Washington, it dropped to $2.15; and in Idaho, it inched up to $2.09. Utah has the lowest
average price at $2.04. The national average diesel price fell to $2.54 per gallon. In
Washington, the diesel average dipped to $2.64. In California, it’s $2.67; in Nevada, it’s
$2.56; in Idaho, it’s $2.52 and in Oregon, it’s $2.54.


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