Fuel Your Desires

Transfer Flow Inc. has introduced a 48-gallon midship replacement fuel tank system for 1999
and 2000 Ford 2WD and 4WD crew cabs and extended-cab pickups with 6-foot beds. This system
replaces the stock 29-gallon fuel tank, and is available for both diesel and gas (non-OBD
II) vehicles. The 48-gallon fuel tank is made from 12-gauge aluminized steel for superior
rust resistance and strength, and is powder-coated black for long-lasting good looks. The
fuel system comes with all parts needed for installation, including straps and mounting
hardware, and the stock in-tank sending unit is re-used with the new tank. For more
information, contact: Transfer Flow Inc., Dept. TL, 1444 Fortress Street, Chico, California
95973; (800) 442-0056; www.transferflow.com.


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