Full-Size Pickup Sales Slow

Sales of full-size pickups dropped by nearly 12,000 or 5.9 percent last month, as gas
prices rose. Only Ford’s F-Series pickups are up slightly.

While the sales decline is
leading to incentives averaging about $3,600 on full-size pickups, falling sales combined
with big rebates may lead to lower profits for struggling domestic automakers.
Manufacturers make an average profit of $13,000 per full-size pickup (excluding incentives
and marketing costs), according to CNW Marketing Research.

Traditional passenger cars yield
$7,900 and a large SUV earns $9,400, CNW reports. GM plans to introduce redesigned versions
of Chevrolet’s Silverado and GMC Sierra later this year, and Toyota plans a new Tundra in
early 2007.


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