Goodyear Introduces New Trailer Tire

Goodyear’s G614 RST, regional service trailer tire, was designed specifically to handle the
demands of trailer applications.

The company states that “thanks to a stiff, solid shoulder
and shallow tread for even wear and performance, it’s the tire of choice when fifth-wheels
and trailers are loaded to a higher capacity. It features a 14-ply rating that allows up to
3,750 pounds in single application (as compared to 3,042 pounds with the G647 RSA).”

according to Goodyear, the G614 RST features steel-belt construction for strength and
durability, plus it has rounded shoulder ribs that increase “rib” stability, which is said
to be a key feature in the resistance of uneven wear in trailer applications. It features
the same anti-oxidants and anti-ozonants in the sidewall and casing as Goodyear’s G647 RSA,
to increase tire life based on age versus mileage. The G614 RST is currently available in
an LT235/85R16 load range G.


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