Hummer Drivers Maneuver Terrain at Academy

They look more like they should be driven in a forest or desert than on a road, but Hummers
are taking over city streets. Owners who want to see just what their Humvees are capable of
offroad now have the opportunity. The Hummer Driving Academy in South Bend, Indiana, allows
Hummer drivers to roll over logs and rocks, splash through rivers and climb 60-percent
inclines — all in a controlled environment.

Anyone who drives a Hummer can use the
facility, located about a mile from the plant where Hummer H1s, H2s and military Humvees
are assembled. But driving offroad does have its rules, so Academy instructors show drivers
how to get through the terrain without destroying either their vehicles or the environment.

To further help owners keep the surroundings safe, every new Hummer owner receives a
membership in the environmental group Tread-Lightly.


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