Husky’s Stubby Tool Set

With ratchet, screwdriver, wrench, sockets and screwdriver bits of all
shapes and sizes, Husky’s 45-Piece Stubby Set can tighten or loosen just
about every nut, bolt and fastener on your RV.

The 45-piece set features a short-handled, dual-drive ratchet with
a professional 72-tooth gear that will handle 1/4-inch sockets on one
side and 3/8-inch sockets on the other — without need for an adapter —
along with a multi-position head that allows the user to set the head
at a variety of angles for more turning power and access to tighter

Available exclusively at The Home Depot, the 45-Piece Stubby Set
(MSRP $15) comes in its own carrying case that fits in a glove box,
toolbox or a galley drawer. The tool set comes with a lifetime warranty.

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