Hybrids Interest Consumers

A new study from TNS Automotive, a market-survey company, polled consumers’ interest in
alternative-fuel vehicles, their purchase plans and price perceptions. More than half of
the respondents believes that hybrids will power most vehicles in 2010. The study found
that: 39 percent of consumers are interested in alternate fuel vehicles, with 26 percent
considering purchase. Men (41 percent) are more interested in alternative fuel sources than
women (37 percent), and 42 percent of consumers without children are interested. Those
consumers who are considering purchasing a truck for their next vehicle show the least
interest in alternate fuel vehicles (34 percent), while those looking to purchase mid-range
or sporty vehicles are most interested (45 percent and 44 percent, respectively). Although
46 percent of consumers age 25-34 are interested in alternative fuel vehicles, only 29
percent of them are considering purchase. While only 28 percent of consumers age 60-65 are
interested in alternate fuel vehicles, those who are interested are willing to pay a higher
price for them.


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