Keeping a Booming Generation Mobile

As baby boomers age, it is becoming more difficult for people to get into and out of
vehicles. Now, automakers are responding by offering vehicles with built-in help, such as
power seat lifts.

A new device called a Sit N Lift seat is being offered in General Motors’
midsize vans, which allows easier access into the vehicle for anyone, including seniors and
the disabled. The seat is a fully motorized seat that lifts and rotates the passenger, yet
it looks like the other seats and fits without altering the vehicle. The seat comes as a
dealer-installed option, which means it comes with the same warranty as the vehicle, and
the cost can be wrapped into the same financing plan.

The new seat is part of a broader
mobility effort by GM, which includes looking at all aspects of vehicle design and
functionality for ease of use.


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