More Diesels Rumored for U.S.

With the high cost of fuel, many U.S. buyers have shown an interest in fuel-efficient
diesels. However, due to the lack of low-sulfur diesel fuel here and with concern over
meeting 2009 emissions regulations and the cost of diesel fuel, manufacturers are reluctant
to announce plans for future diesel models in the United States.

Chrysler Group may add a
midsized SUV with a diesel, and a diesel-powered Dodge Durango might be offered within a
year. Chrysler already sells the Wrangler with a diesel overseas, and there may be a U.S.
model coming. More rumors are in the wind about a diesel-powered Grand Cherokee. Ford might
install a British-built V-6 diesel in its F-150 series trucks.  Some rumors say that a
2.7-liter diesel may be offered in the Explorer.

Ford has shown a diesel-powered concept
Explorer several times. General Motors offers the Duramax diesel in light trucks and has
invested in technologies such as direct-injection gasoline engines. Honda’s plans may
include diesels for the Ridgeline, Pilot and Odyssey.

Mercedes-Benz may offer a diesel in
the new M-class here, one of the two V-6s available in Europe — either the 280CDI or the


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