More Fuel-Saving Hybrids Coming

General Motors will bring two-mode hybrid versions of its V-8-powered Chevrolet Tahoe and
GMC Yukon full-size SUVs late next year. The 2008 Tahoe and Yukon offer a 40 percent
improvement fuel economy in city driving and a 25 percent improvement overall.

The system
uses electric power combined with a V-8 engine using cylinder deactivation. City fuel
mileage of two-wheel-drive versions improves by 50 percent, compared to 5.3L non-hybrid
versions, GM claims. Ford already has full-hybrid versions of the Escape SUV and Mercury

Chrysler plans to introduce a similar two-mode hybrid technology in 2008 Dodge
Durango and Chrysler Aspen SUVs. European and Asian manufacturers say they will introduce
several clean diesels next year.


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