Need A Lift?

Torque Lift’s Super Hitch allows a camper owner to pull a trailer behind his/her rig with a
camper up to 12 feet long. The Super Hitch is a dual receiver with compression tube,
allowing you to tow up to 10,000 pounds using up to a 4-foot extension with a
weight-distribution system, says Torque Lift. The system extends the hitch out behind the
camper to a standard 2×2-inch receiver. No special adapters are required to utilize your
ball mount without the extension. The Super Hitch is capable of towing 15,000 pounds and up
to 1,200 pounds hitch weight, and can be used as a standard Class V receiver for towing
without the camper on the truck. Tork Lift Central Welding, Dept. TL, 315 N. Central, Kent,
Washington 98032; (800) 246-8132;


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