Norcold Recalls Some Refrigerators

Due to a potential safety defect, Norcold is voluntarily recalling gas/electric
refrigerator models, built from January 1987 to May 1995. If your refrigerator model’s
serial number is listed below, it requires immediate service. Serial numbers can be found
on the inside right of your refrigerator cabinet. Continued operation using propane gas of
a refrigerator under this recall could result in a fire. If you own an affected model,
switch your refrigerator’s controls to AC power (or DC power, if available, while in
transit). No LP-gas power operation should occur because it could create an unsafe
condition. Contact a dealer or service center to arrange a service date soon. The gas valve
in your refrigerator will be replaced at no charge. Model 442 Serial #01000-08255 Model 443 Serial
#01000-11972 Model 452 Serial #01000-14302 Model 453 Serial #01000-05418 Serial #54195-54208 Model 462 Serial
#00001-120909 Model 463 Serial #00001-05210 Model 482 Serial #00001-24398 Model 483 Serial #00001-03518 Model EV452 Serial
#01002-10327 Model EV462 Serial #01000-01283 Model EV463 Serial #01266-01283 Model EV482 Serial
#01000-01204 Serial #18827-18828 Serial #89158 Model EV483 Serial #01050-01319 Model 874EG2 Serial
#01000-03988 Model 874EG3 Serial #01000-02347 Model 875EG2 Serial #01000-24711 Model 875EG3 Serial
#01000-05696 If you have any questions, contact Norcold at (800) 667-3005.


  1. My fridge was recalled but I made a mistake in measuring the opening. I was offered the choice of 3 units and I picked one. It was too wide, even with modifications, for the opening. I personally bought a Norcold that would fit and planned to sell the non-fitting unit. Norcold threw a fit, stating I had no right to sell the unit (took 3 tries and all were damaged) but must return it. In no part of the dialog with them does it state I had to return the wrong-fitting fridge. I spent $1,200 out of my pocket for one that fits. Norcold wants the mis-sized one returned, and no new one to be sent that will fit. In either case I would try to sell anything they send now as I have already spent the money for the one that fits. The email agreement states that I am responsible for measuring and that Norcold will not replace a mis-sized unit nor is it returnable. They have offered me $200 and I must return the mis-sized N412 that is available online for less than $1000. Please help.

    • Brian, your best course of action may be to submit your issue to RV Resolutions, a free consumer-advocacy service for Trailer Life readers. RV Resolutions acts as an impartial third-party mediator to bring consumers and businesses together to help resolve their differences. If you’d like to submit your case to RV Resolutions, mail an explanatory letter and copies of relevant correspondence and receipts to RV Resolutions/Trailer Life, 2750 Park View Court, Suite 240, Oxnard, California 93036. RV Resolutions will then contact Dometic on your behalf.

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