Portable Buddy

Mr. Heater introduces the Portable Buddy indoor-safe propane heater for RVs, garages and
other small, cold spaces up to 250 square feet in size. This 7-pound unit has a
spark-ignition start and can operate freestanding or mounted on the wall. It puts out 4,000
and 9,000 BTU on low and high settings. A built-in oxygen depletion system (ODS) is a
safety feature that shuts off the heater before oxygen reaches dangerously low levels. The
Buddy can run off a one-pound propane canister for three to six hours, or via a hose
connection to a 20-pound cylinder, located outside the RV, for 48 to 108 hours. Mr. Heater
Corporation, Dept. TL, 2685 East 79th Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44104; (216) 881-5500;


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