RV Cooking Show Goes Greek

The RV Cooking Show presents its latest RV TV episode in partnership with BetterRVing.com — offering its take on a refreshing summer favorite.

The RV Cooking Show Goes Greek (Salad) in Tarpon Springs, Florida, can be seen at BetterRVing.com as well as read about in the Better RVing.com magazine. In addition to the virtual RV travel tour
of the hidden-gem enclave of Tarpon Springs and the chopped Greek salad
demonstration, BetterRVing.com visitors will find several cooking show
exclusive Greek-inspired recipes perfect for the RV kitchen and campsite grill.

The RV Cooking Show, bonus recipes and interviews can be enjoyed
on BetterRVing.com under the “RV Living” tab. Comments and questions are
welcome and will be responded to whenever Wi-Fi is available during
Schmarder’s RV travels.

Story courtesy of RV Business.


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