RV Model News: Glendale RV's New Titanium Line

Glendale Recreational Vehicles recently marked its 50th anniversary by introducing its
brand-new Titanium line of fifth-wheel trailers. Patent-pending “cab-over” design
significantly increases interior space without increasing length, while a smooth front end
improves aerodynamics. The result is a fifth-wheel that is shorter and easier to tow than
conventional models, without sacrificing any of the comfort or living space. The use of
lightweight-composite construction materials allowed engineers to further reduce weight,
improving towability and giving owners greater flexibility in selecting a tow vehicle.
Glendale Recreational Vehicles, 145 Queen Street, Strathroy, Ontario N7G 3J6; (519)
245-1600; www.glendalerv.com or www.titaniumrv.com


  1. Where do I find Titanium body parts? My model is 2006 26E 31DS. The part I need is the body panel that is the lower panel that forms the fender on the right kitchen slideout. Parts availability seems impossible.


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