RV Safety Program Is Result of Team Effort

Good Sam VIP Insurance has teamed up with the Good Sam Club, General Motors and GMAC
Insurance to help improve driving safety. Together they have developed a comprehensive RV
Safe-Driving Course designed to educate members and policyholders on safe RV-driving
practices. The new course will be unveiled at the Good Sam VIP Safety Rally January 28-29,
2002, in Palm Springs, California. The two-day event will feature a variety of interactive
programs on building RV and automobile safety skills. Highlights of the program include a
GM-instructed hands-on safe-driving course, a behind-the-wheel RV driving-skills test, an
RV safe-driving class, plus assorted skill tests on newly developed, computerized
RV-driving simulators. The GM driving course allows participants to test their driving
skills and learn proper handling techniques behind the wheel of the latest GM vehicles.
Instructors will show proper skid-recovery procedures, offroad recovery techniques, and
braking and accident avoidance. The behind-the-wheel RV segment features hands-on
experience with Class A motorhomes, fifth-wheels and travel trailers. The RV driving
exercises include measuring reaction time, making 90-degree right and left turns, parallel
parking and backing up. The RV safety class includes classroom instruction on such topics
as handling of fires and fire extinguishers, weight distribution, tire safety and proper
following distances. The RV simulator segment will take participants on a 12-minute “trip”
through more than 215 obstacles. The simulator section will include the use of “fatal
vision” glasses – eyewear worn to simulate the effects of alcohol/drug use on drivers.
“Good Sam, GMAC Insurance and GM are all very concerned about driving safety,” said Gail
Peters, Good Sam VIP plan director. This rally is just the start of a comprehensive program
to help make our roads safer and keep the learning process fun.” RVs for the event will be
provided by National RV, makers of Tradewinds, Sea Breeze, Marlin, Islander, Dolphin and
Sea View motorhomes, fifth-wheels and travel trailers. To sign up, call toll free (800)
765-1912, extension 166.


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