Skyjacker Shocks

Product Skyjacker shocksTake back control of your truck with Skyjacker shocks, which can smooth out a bumpy ride caused by poorly paved highways or rough terrain. Skyjacker offers two levels of shock absorption — the Hydro 7000 series for mild to moderate off-road use and the Nitro 8000 for full-size vehicles tackling moderate to extreme off-road conditions. Both have a bonded iron piston for durability and longer shock life and a leak-proof seal that prevents hydraulic fluid from passing around the piston head. The result is a consistently stable, controlled ride, according to the company.

Skyjacker is currently offering a $35 rebate on the purchase of four Skyjacker Hydro H7000 Series or Nitro N8000 Series shocks, or a Skyjacker leveling kit and two Hydro or Nitro shocks. The promotion runs through May 31. msrp is $44.54.

For more information, call (318) 388-0816 or visit


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