Stat Surveys Names Top RV Dealers of 2010

Statistical Surveys Inc. (SSI) has named the top RV dealers for 2010
based on unit sales, and the 55-store Camping World chain was again the
market leader by a long shot.

Here’s the bottom line from Statistical Surveys, the Grand Rapids, Mich.-based counter of national retail registrations:
    •    Top Multi-lot towable dealer: Camping World, 7,874 sales, up 39.59% from 2009.
    •    Top Multi-lot motorized dealer: Camping World, 1,866 sales, up 6.45% from 2009.
    •    Top single-lot towable dealer: RV Wholesalers, 1,332 sales up 53.63% from 2009.
    •    Top single-lot motorized dealer: Lazy Days, 1,113 sales, up 25.90% from 2009.

top dealers last year outperformed the market. According to SSI,
184,681 new RVs were retailed in 2010, a 7.67% increase over 2009.

doubt about that,” said Scott Stropkai, national RV sales manager for
SSI. “I don’t know all the facets behind their success. A lot of mom and
pop stores went out of business the past few years. Are these (top)
stores picking up a greater share of sales than others? It would appear

Stropkai said seven out of the top 20 dealers posted 20% gains or better in 2010 over 2009.

Four of the top 20 reported sales declines this past year.

will be awarding certificates of achievement to these and other
top-performing RV dealerships across the U.S. Awards are based on retail
registrations in the dealer reporting states.


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