Stop-Start System May Bring 5% Gas Savings

Delphi is showing off a new stop-start system that could help increase urban fuel economy
by more than five percent. The system, called Energen 5, uses a combined starter/alternator
in the conventional generator position, allowing the engine to be automatically stopped
when the vehicle idles and restarted almost instantaneously when the accelerator is
pressed. Compared with conventional in-line stop-start systems used in gas-electric hybrids
such as the Honda Insight, Delphi’s drive-belt system is claimed to be quieter, weigh less,
have fewer components and to require almost no additional packaging volume. Combining the
alternator and starter in a single unit, driving the engine through the accessory belt,
gives a compact and affordable system. Delphi has achieved up to 15 percent fuel-economy
improvements on a sport-utility vehicle fitted with the prototype Energen 10 in-line
system. Delphi expects Energen 5 to enter production for the 2003 model year with at least
one major European vehicle manufacturer.


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