Tips to Optimize Gas Mileage

How are RV owners traveling with today’s high fuel prices? Many RV owners still find traveling by RV to be less expensive than other forms of travel – but they’re also looking for ways to save while on the road. Nationwide has put together some tips to optimize gas mileage in an RV:

1) Watch your speed. Gas mileage decreases rapidly at 60 mph and faster, so keep it steady at 55 mph.

2) Check your tires. Proper tire pressure can increase fuel economy by 3 percent and prevent premature wear.

3) Maintain your vehicle. Get a tune-up! If an oxygen sensor is faulty or emissions are bad, you can see a 40-percent reduction in fuel economy.

4) Avoid drag. Remove resistance such as extra weight as well as objects from the roof of your RV.

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