Trailer Hitch Cover

1592119_Beckson_hitchcover.JPGExposed trailer hitches can cause a myriad of harm, from torn clothes to
badly bruised and cut shins. These injuries are easily avoided with
Beckson Marine’s Hitch-Safe Trailer Hitch & Ball Safety Covers.

Molded of soft, PVC plastic, they fit over the bar and ball to
shield drivers and passengers from the protruding hitch. Available in
two styles, the black safety covers are UV-resistant.

The HH-TRB model protects 2-inch rounded hitch bars, while the
HH-TSB is made for 2-5/8-inch squared bars. Both versions can be used
with 1-7/8-inch and 2-inch trailer balls.

For more information: Beckson Marine, 165 Holland Avenue, Bridgeport, Connecticut 06605; email: [email protected]; 


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