Trip Planning With the National Park Service

Planning an RV trip? Let the National Park Service help out. The NPS has just released the
latest in several Web-available itineraries that focus both on locales and on historic
themes. The latest is “Historic Charleston’s Religious and Community Buildings,” which
takes visitors back on a trip through time in the historic Old South. All sites on the
itinerary are enrolled on the National Register of Historic Places, and each has its own
story to tell. From the second-oldest synagogue in the country, to the headquarters of
presidential-candidate Stephan A. Douglas, each site on the itinerary has descriptions,
photos and location information. Other available itineraries focus on central Vermont;
Chicago; Washington, D.C.; Baltimore; Seattle; Detroit; and Kingston, New York. The
Web-based itineraries are free of charge at Five other printed itineraries can
be purchased from the National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers, 444 N.
Capitol Street NW, Suite 332, Washington, D.C. 20001.


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