Utah Byways:Backcountry Drives For the Whole Family

With Utah Byways as a companion, you can visit remote rock art sites and hidden Anasazi
ruins deep in canyon country. You can drive the actual bed of the historic Transcontinental
Railroad, and peer through the rifle ports of an Overland Stage station along the Pony
Express Trail. You can dig up trilobite fossils, camp below the High Uintas or brave lonely
old pioneer trails. As part of the Backcountry Byways guidebook series, Utah Byways, second
edition, written by Tony Huegel, is a substantial upgrade of the popular first edition.
Among the improvements: The number of adventure roads detailed in the handy, 208-page
glovebox-size guide has been increased with expanded coverage of the new national parks and
monuments. Each route has its own full-page map. Utah Byways is available from bookstores
and can also be ordered from Wilderness Press at (800) 443-7227.


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