Trailer Life Video: It’s a Wrap

Trailer Life’s Bob Dawson demonstrates how you can simplify the installation of an RV cover.

Headshot of Trailer Life Production Director Bob Dawson.Trailer Life Production Director Bob Dawson is a second-generation RVer as well as a fitness, photography, video, tech and outdoor enthusiast. Bob was a photojournalist in a previous life, and his photos and articles have appeared in Trailer Life publications for more than 20 years. You can see some of his video work on our TrailerLifeDIYTV YouTube Channel.


  1. Way more complicated and not as safe procedure. How about rolling up the cover leaving the front end on the outside of the roll. Pull full roll up the front of trailer and unroll enough to cover the front. While on hands and knees unroll cover while rolling toward the rear of the trailer. Unfold the sides and let them fall into place as you are working to the rear. Staying on hands and knees allows feeling for skylights and other roof top equipment. Unroll cover and distribute sides down all the way back to the rear of the trailer and bring what is left of the cover with you down the ladder. Tie it down.

    Removing the cover is just the opposite. Push cover up the back while ascending the ladder. Once on top, work on hands and knees, while on top of the cover, work toward the front while pulling up the sides, first one side working forward and then the other while working toward the rear. Roll up the cover while crawling forward watching out for skylights, vents and equipment. When rolled to the front, keep rolling the cover while bringing the front side up to you. Take the whole roll and slide it down the front and when on the ground, fold in two and put in bag. The cover can be rolled and folded on the roof and put in the bag too.

    Wherever possible put plastic laundry baskets over TV antennas or other smaller equipment to protect them from being stepped on or crawled on.

    I used this technique on a Lance 2375.

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